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BevGuard Replacement Cartridges for 3M™/Cuno™, AquaPure™ and OCS Water Filter Products (cross reference look up)



BSS Single Head

TST Water, LLC, is pleased to introduce an innovative new product that provides you with the versatility to create your own filtration system "package."

The new BevGuard™ head is designed for use with all of the BGC filters.

This head is offered as a separate component or assembled on a bracket for series or parallel flow configurations. The series flow design provides stages of filtration for difficult applications, while the parallel flow design works well when high flow capacities are required.

The bracket and head systems are sold separately from the filters to minimize your inventory and provide you with filter options to use with your choice of filtration technology. Options include a pressure relief button, a pressure gauge, a flush kit, fittings, as a complete unit, or in an assembled component kit.

Take control of your filtration system design and make BevGuard™ an integral part of your filtration system "package."

  • Systems include one, two or three filters on a bracket

  • Systems are available in series or in parallel
    • Series for greater dirt load or chlorine reduction
    • Parallel for increased flow output

  • Systems are available with the following components options
    • Pressure Gauge
    • Flush Kit
    • Straight or Elbow fittings
    • Pressure relief

Medium Filter Size:

1.67 gpm at 10,000 gal

Large Filter Size:

2.1 gpm at 25,000 gal


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